Solar Eclipse Glasses CE and ISO Certified 10 Pack by WEBSUN for Direct Sun Viewing Safety Eye Protection Glasses

$19.99 $11.95

  • ONCE IN A LIFETIME – WEBSUN Solar Eclipse Glasses Holds Canada Brand Manufacturers Exclusive License. Our Eclipse Glasses will allow you to safely view the total solar eclipse happening on Aug 21,2017 with absolute confidence.
  • ONE SIZE FITS ALL – 4 Different Paper Frame Designs make up this 10 pieces assortment so you can view this event with family and friends.
  • CE AND ISO CERTIFIED FOR DIRECT SUN VIEWING – These glasses have been independently tested to meet the latest standards for direct sun viewing safety.
  • DON’T MISS THE EVENT – WEBSUN Eclipse Glasses will give you a fully viewing experience of the first total solar eclipse in the USA in 38 years, which you will remember for the rest of your life.
  • BUY NOW BEFORE INCREASING IN PRICE – Price for solar eclipse glasses will go up dramatically due to shortage when August 21st,2017 is approaching. Order them before price go up can be a huge saving.


Be Prepared For The Solar Eclipse on Aug 21,2017 in 38 Years.

With WEBSUN solar eclipse viewing glasses, make a once in a lifetime memory with friends and family.This allows you to watch the total solar eclipse with absolute confidence in your eye safety.

These solar eclipse viewer are made of premium quality glasses and CE & ISO Certified for direct sun viewing with eye safety and protection.The eclipse glasses are manufactured with scratch resistant black polymer material which ensures you the best viewing experience.Don’t miss the big event on Aug 21,2017.Shop now and start to share with your friends and familly.

Saftey tips for use of glasses

1. Do not use the glasses if you found the lens are broken or not fully covered.
2. Wear the glasses 30 seconds in advance and adapt to the dark environment during the partial eclipse. Take off the glasses during the total solar eclipse for direct sun viewing for 4-5 minutes.Then wear the glasses again after the total solar eclipse is over.
3. Do not use the glasses for longer than 3 minutes, gives you eyes time to recover. This advice is endorsed by NASA.

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